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Olympic Mini Adventure

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Beach Backpack!

Sun, 08/06/2023 - 16:47

teen backpacking trip olympic peninsulaGreetings from Crescent Beach! We just completed a backpacking trip around the Ozette Triangle in Olympic National Park.

The last three days have been a blast exploring the coast through tide pools and trails. The first day of our backpacking trip we stopped at Cape Alava, where we had a prime camping spot overlooking the Pacific Ocean (and within hearing distance of Stellar’s sea lions). The girls put their explorer hats on and went tidepooling to find lots of rock crabs and other small sea critters. Stella even touched a sea anemone and let it “hug” her finger! We ate white chili and went to bed early that night (we were tired) while Nicephore kept us laughing with her stories.

The next day we had an early wake up—as we were racing against the tide to make it to South Sand Point. The trail we took paralleled the entire coastline and our wonderful LOD Claire keep all the girls motivated and hyped through the hike. This day we ate a lot of GORP and saw a Blue Heron and an Eagle soaring about. That night, we camped at South Sandpoint and spent time working on skill beads. Our Wilderness First Aid girls dedicated their time to learning about CPR and splinting. Parker and Addie showed off their leadership skills by taking the lead during scenarios and by making their own splint. That same night, Anna, Birdie and Ella made a dinner by themselves (with the oversight of a guide) and fed our whole crew a wonderful dinner of chicken and rice. That night the girls did a talent show and made a full on dance routine and performed in on the beach—it included an original song and everything!

Yesterday, we woke up early and started back towards the van via the Sand Point trail. We walked through the green, foggy forests on a wooden planked trail (it looks like it was built by Hobbits—it’s amazing)! Kaylen kept the group going with her consistent positivity and even told us she found a new passion in backpacking! We got to the van at 10:30. We found a general store and thanks to Birdie’s parents, were able to get some treats and Gatorade to celebrate our accomplishments (thank you so much)! Good thing we had our resident hype gal Mamie to play great music in the van before settling into Crescent Beach.

We are looking forward to visiting Port Angeles and the Lavender Farm today! We will see y’all at SEATAC tomorrow.