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Alpengirl Holiday Shopping Guide

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Gifts for Your Alpengirl

Fri, 12/08/2023 - 08:59

Alpengirl Costume Contest Summer CampIs your daughter headed to summer camp? Wondering what an outdoorsy young woman might be excited to unwrap this holiday season? When it comes time to consider gifts, we've put together a wish list of fun-filled, fun-sized, camp-inspired items that will have her dreaming of summer adventures to come, and remind her of her loved ones while she's out exploring. Surprise your camper-to-be with one (or more!) of these 10 small gifts:

1. A small and packable awesome costume piece or accessory! When she needs something extra to stand out and shine at the outdoor campfire talent show, why not accessorize with something that will spark conversation and highlight her unique personality (a small, packable, very lightweight and fabulous item - think fake mustache or sequin eye patch, inflatable unicorn horn, biodegradable glitter...)

2. LED string lights. She'll be a hit with her tent mates - like a string of stars inside the tent!

3. Order a deck of personalized photo playing cards for her to bring to camp. During camp girls will be making new friends and may find some down-time in the tent or around the picnic table for a game of cards. Why have just a regular set of cards when your girl can have a personalized deck? Others in her group will get to learn more about and her interests and life outside camp, and she won't lose a card in the van or tent!

Alpengirl Holiday Gift Idea for Teen Girls

4. Have a girl who likes to read? There is time in tents at night for reading and writing - perhaps a tiny clip-on reading light is more comfortable for her than the headlamp is for reading and writing. Or buy her an adventure-themed book to read to herself or share aloud with friends: Julie of the Wolves by Jean Craighead George, and Hattie Big Sky by Kirby Larson are both titles written by girls, for girls, and center around adventurous and outdoorsy young women.

5. Personalized, iron-on clothing labels. At camp, labeling EVERYTHING is essential…Your camper's gear looks unique when she leaves home, but many of her new friends will have the same (or very similar) items. Help her keep track of which black rainpants are hers, and keep track of her nice wool socks on laundry day, with personalized labels. Maybe this gift even includes the giver taking on the chore of labeling (!), or maybe the camper does it herself to familiarize herself with her own packing list. 

Cool hiking socks

6. Socks & T-shirt. Yes, sounds boring, but, it doesn’t have to be! Happy feet = happy campers, and the right socks are half of that equation. Wool or synthetic fabrics are best, and a light cushion makes hiking a dream. Smartwool, Darn Tough, and REI all have a wide array of fun and flashy non-cotton hiking socks. Wrap them up with a camping themed t-shirt or tank top, (cotton here is OK), and her personality will be on display with a couple of comfortable, wilderness-approved conversation starters.

camp pillow

7. A Buff. A must-have accessory for every adventure, a multifunctional buff is a wool or synthetic fabric tube that can be used as a bandana, ponytail holder, sun guard, scarf, dust screen, blindfold for pin the marshmallow on the s'more, or anything else your creative camper comes up with!

8. Personalized travel pillow case. This is a great one for the crafty gift giver...use a small camp size travel pillow case that is lightweight and packable, and customize it with your girl's name, a fun design, or even an inspirational quote. (Just leave out the lavender sachet: as any returning camper will be quick to remind you, there are no smelly items allowed in the tents at night!) She can stuff the pillow case with clean extra clothing to make a pillow for comfort inside her sleeping bag.

Alpengirl Holiday Gift Idea for Teen Girls

9. Small journal or notebook. Girls will have quiet time before lights out to write favorite memories from the day, and she can also use it to write notes to new friends, jot down contact information to help her keep in touch after camp, scribble down a favorite riddle or trail game, or script her talent show act! Include a couple of color pens or pencils and she can doodle, sketch or record her adventure in color.

10. An Alpengirl Camp Gift Cerificate. Last but certainly not least - why not surprise the adventuress in your life with the gift of Camp!