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The Perfect Holiday Gift for an Outdoorsy Girl

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Give the Gift of Summer Camp with an Alpengirl Gift Certificate

Wed, 12/13/2023 - 09:53

The Best Holiday Gift ~ Alpengirl Camp!

An Alpengirl and the Care Package ElfToys? Games? Clothes? The latest electronic gadget? One of the million-and-one items to be purchased with a single click online? 

The holiday season is here, heralded by snowflakes, twinkly lights, and the challenge of finding the perfect gift for that special girl in your life.  How does one find a present for her that appeals to the recipient, conveys the affection of the giver, and will not be forgotten on a shelf by February? Each holiday season, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends are faced with this dilemma. And perhaps you don't want to give a thing at all; perhaps you are drawn to the idea of gifting something intangible, long-lasting, and deeply experiential.

This year, as part of your holiday gift list, consider the Gift of Camp

Alpengirl Camp provides pre-teen and teen girls ages 11-16 with the opportunity to experience a range of wilderness-based activities, gain outdoor skills, create friendships, and blossom through essential time in the outdoors. Our one and two week adventure camp sessions offer extraordinary learning opportunities, empowering challenges, and enduring memories.

This year, give a special girl in your life the gift that lasts a lifetime - give her the gift of camp. 

Holiday Gift CertificateWrap Up the Perfect Gift

An Alpengirl Camp Gift Certificate means FUN! It means FRIENDS! It means JOY! And it means an experience of limitless possibilities.

An Alpengirl Camp Gift Certificate means an opportunity to Explore, Discover, and Learn in the great outdoors.

Print out a certificate, and tuck it in a new backpack, roll it in a new sleeping bag, wrap it around a new headlamp - or put it in a traditional gift box complete with colorful paper and a bow. No matter how it's delivered, imagine the delight when the gift is opened, and your Alpengirl discovers that adventure camp is in her future.

Don't Delay - Registration is OPEN for Summer 2024! Check out all 2024 trips here.

Please contact Alpengirl to see if your session of choice is a good fit for your camper. Then, REGISTER and let the excitement begin!

Email at, or call Alpengirl in Montana at 406-570-6312