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Finding Nature, Wherever You Find Yourself

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The Benefits of Connecting with Nature

Fri, 01/05/2024 - 12:55

Hiker girl campAlpengirl personifies what it means to be in nature - it’s the reason Alpengirl exists!

Inspiring a love of nature and facilitating access to and appreciation for nature is what Alpengirl is all about. It has been proven that influence from the natural world is healthy. From breathing fresh, clean air, to feeling the warmth of sunshine on the skin, to visually and audibly taking in the beauty of a natural space, nature stimulates all of our senses. Nature’s influence is beneficial not just to our physical being, but also to our mental and emotional selves.

Time spent in nature enhances cognitive function in the brain, and increases brain activity in areas associated with happiness, positivity, and robust emotional health. Nature's influence helps to calm the mind, allowing it to more readily tap into dormant creativity and inspiration. Nature is also the best stress reducer any of us have access to. When we are close to nature or enveloped in it, we are removed from the primary sources of stress in our lives. The tranquility and perspective gained from time in nature can also equip us to better cope with those concerns when we encounter them.

Nature camp for girls outdoorsEngaging in physical activity while outdoors increases exposure to the healthful benefits of vitamin D, and is more productive than engaging in similar activity in doors. Nature motivates us and can influence amazing personal growth and access to inner strength. 

Nature nurtures, and is important for general health and for healing. Think about it for a second: when someone is ill or in the hospital recovering, it is customary to present a gift of colorful flowers or a potted plant verdant with health and vitality. In this way, since the patient doesn’t have access to nature, or the outdoors, we bring a piece of it to them. 

Girls in Nature CampAlpengirl believes it is important to connect with nature whenever possible to maintain and promote our health. Communing with nature can occur in the simplest of moments: appreciating a view, watering and caring for plants, noticing the changing leaves and weather on our daily rounds. Walking in your local park or green space, hiking and biking on local trails, and longer-term excursions like camping or backpacking are even more immersive ways to enjoy the health benefits of connecting with nature. 

Alpengirl seeks to grow the consciousness of teen girls toward becoming stewards of the natural world, so they can help those around them to notice, enjoy and love nature, as we do. Engage with the benefits of nature’s influence and share them with the people in your life. You'll enjoy bettering your own health, and at the same time, build better relationships and a stronger community.

River exploration camp for girlsAlpengirl encourages you to find nature in your own environment and take time to appreciate it. Alpengirl is aware of the host of benefits that come from any array of activities in nature, ranging from simple to challenging, and Alpengirl loves seeing the positive influence these activities have on our campers year after year.

One of the best ways that you can immerse yourself and influence those around you to enjoy more of the outdoors and nature is to embark on your own wilderness adventure like those offered by Alpengirl. With support and nurturing from gifted and experienced Alpenguides and the encouragement and camaraderie of fellow campers, you can get out there, breathe deep, and reap the benefits!

~ By Contributing Writer & Former Alpenguide Kimberley Green