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CC1 Getting Silly on Boats!

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Mon, 06/24/2024 - 23:01

Hello from the Alpengirls of Cascades and Coast I!! It’s only day 3 of our adventure and we’ve already done so much! We’ve spent the past two nights camping near the Columbia River Gorge - the girls are getting used to sleeping in their tents, eating meals all together, loud van jams on our drives, and enjoying yoga in the mornings.

On our first night we introduced a variety of important camp topics, including the 7 D’s of dumping. There was an all-time stellar campfire style skit performance by Charlotte W., Charlotte H., Magnolia demonstrating the importance of the 7D’s that left us all laughing hysterically. During our first full day of camp Lila was our Leader of the Day (LOD) and absolutely crushed it! She looked out for her fellow campers all day and her strong leadership qualities were able to shine. Maddie H. was selected as our second LOD and is off to a strong start. She did an excellent job this morning making sure all of camp was packed up and helping others pack up their belongings before heading out to a day of kayaking.

Yesterday we had so much fun getting to white water raft on the White Salmon River! The clear aqua blue rapids along the lush forest of the canyon made for spectacular views. Fionnuala and Ada especially crushed it, staying up front on the raft through many choppy rapids, taking on the splash for the group. Emily has been a great teacher, earning karma points while on the rafting trip for acknowledging native plants and people. Everyone was stoked to be out on the water having so much fun all together!

In the evening after some warm showers and dinner we got to our second Alpenolympic event of camp - the tooth brushing spray competition! Kaylyn won the performance category for an impressive back handspring! We finished off the night with a special delivery from our camp party animals for the one the only Maddie S! We danced, we sang, Maddie S. shared fun temporary tattoos and postcards and then the girls got to writing straight away.

The girls are learning to keep track of their belongings and make quick transitions, but they’ve shined bright in the routine of morning yoga and bringing positive attitudes to the next adventure - today being kayaking on the Lower Klickitat river! All in all we are having a great time getting to know one another and enjoying the outdoors!