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Cascades and Coast I Starts with a SPLASH!

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Tue, 07/09/2024 - 02:13

The girls got some good rest this morning -- our first LOD Rylee woke the girls up to meet their guide Cat out on the lawn for some relaxing Alpenyoga. After our delicious strawberry stuffed french toast breakfast, we then headed out to our rafting trip on the White Salmon River. The water was a crystal clear blue, and we could even see at least 10ft deep. We ended up in lava tubes created from the Mt St Helens eruption, which was magnificent. Going through the rapids, Rolo positioned herself like titanic in the front of the raft during getting multiple splashes to the face. Evelyn did a fantastic job paddling while keeping up the rhythm and the pace! All of the girls did a wonderful job on the water, and kept the spirits high!

After a long and exciting day on the water, we freshened up with showers and ate a great big meal. The night continued on with nothing but fun! Alpenguide Shelby came up with a few group games before we entered our first AlpenOlympic event of competitive charades! We all had a hoot with this, in tears laughing at the girls marvelous and silly acts, as well as the most comical narrative guesses from the audience. Our personal favorite came from miss Parker herself (our winner with the most correct guesses) as she confidently shouted “You’re a mosquito doing yoga at a Taylor Swift concert”!! Our winning preforming team was Anna and Sevilla coming in with the most points for their creative and timely acts.

To finish the night a lovely care package was delivered to Sevilla, along with a Coco Banana Boat dessert for everyone! She shared some goodies and crafts with her new friend group and off they went for tent time and a much needed rest. Today they set off with their other guide Anna with a full day kayaking on the gorgeous Lower Klickitat River! Excited for the stories, stoke, and wild adventure to come back at camp!