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The Fearless Rock Climbers of the Montana & Yellowstone Adventure!

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Our MT & Yellowstone crew is off to a strong start!

Mon, 07/08/2024 - 02:59

Greetings to all from southern MT! Our lovely Montana & Yellowstone crew has had an excellent start! After meeting up at the airport yesterday and playing some fun games to get to know each other, we jumped in our van and began heading south.

Upon arriving to our first campsite along the Yellowstone River, we organized some personal gear and learned how to set up our tents. Soon the sun fell over the mountains and presented us with the prettiest pink cumulus clouds just in time for us to enjoy a delicious Alpengirl Burrito dinner.

Sometimes late nights also call for early mornings — but it’s easy to get of bed when you’re walking up to the smell of Strawberry Stuffed French Toast! We hit the road early today to drive north for our first adventure of the trip — rock climbing! We had a blast on the rocks and the weather was perfect. All of the girls (even those with minimal climbing experience) did a great job climbing and belaying. Fun was had by everyone, and a new sense of trust was certainly earned among each of them :)

Today we also talked about the Leave No Trace principles and how to keep good hygiene while camping. Tonight we’ll ease our strong rock climbing muscles by soaking in a natural hot spring pool.

The adventure never stops, though! Tomorrow we have a big day of horseback riding AND rafting. Woo hoo! We are beyond excited for all the adventures that lay ahead!