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Horse 2A Rafting and Reflections!

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An End to an Unforgettable Trip!

Tue, 07/02/2024 - 20:04

Alpengirll campers and guides raft the Snake River in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

As our days together come to a close, we have been treasuring every last second together! In our days since leaving the backcountry, the group has bonded on a different level and embraced their true selves. Feeling fresh from showers, we journeyed to Yellowstone National Park and witnessed the majestic Old Faithful erupt! After learning about the geological formation of geysers in the visitor center, we took an excursion near Old Faithful to visit some other unique sites. The Alpengirls had a blast hiking around and posing with each geyser. Back at the campsite, we had an ultimate costume contest with face glitter and clown noses included. Each camper creatively embraced their silly side making a costume using their personal materials. 

The following day we drove through the stunning landscape of Grand Teton National Park. We were blown away by the sheer beauty of the mountains before us. By far the best lunch views of the trip! Our adventure continued to Jackson, Wyoming for whitewater rafting! While some spent more time in the water than others, the campers worked together to paddle efficiently and crush every rapid no matter how large. Our night was filled with deep conversations and reflection as those going for their group living bead led vulnerable discussions and everyone wrote Alpenessays about their camp experience. After strengthening their connections around the campfire our group felt closer than ever. We spent today shopping around Victor before one last big van journey back to Bozeman for our closing ceremony and pizza party. What an incredible trip it has been filled with memories to last a lifetime!