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Montana Mini Starting with a Splash!

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Thu, 07/04/2024 - 18:42

We are happy to report that the Montana Minis are off to a great start! After leaving the airport, we made our way over to Red Mountain Campground for a beautiful couple of nights camping by the river. We set up tents, got our sleeping bags set up, and started getting to know the new friends in our tents. After some yummy burritos, we gathered together to celebrate Macey’s birthday with a song, a cookie cake, and some very special birthday wishes.Tessa closed off the night with a gold medal toothpaste spray in our Alpenolympic tooth brushing competition.

We woke up on our first full day of camp to strawberry stuffed French toast. Molly jumped right in as the first leader of the day. We got started with some conversations about organizing our camp community. Kenzie and Frieda jumped in to help prepare BLT sandwiches for lunch, braving the windy conditions and managing to make a yummy lunch without letting any micro trash blow away. Mary shared her beautiful drawings of the sunset with the group, and we are looking forward to seeing more of her work over the course of the trip. Sabina and Lyla tapped into their inner actors to bring us some compelling characters in skits about LNT awareness.

We all floated down the lovely Madison river as a group following our lunch, and Emery and Taryn unlocked some special skills in flat water kayaking navigation. Mila boldly led the group in fully submerging her hair in the river, and later orchestrated some truly remarkable French braiding. Helen earned some well-deserved karma points for her consistently positive and helpful attitude as we got started packing for our upcoming adventure: a three night backpacking trip in the Tobacco Roots! We are getting started on our trip with full hearts & full packs. Montana Minis signing off for now!