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Mother Daughter Crew Returns From Backpacking!

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Some Mother Daughter Fun on the Olympic Coast!

Wed, 07/10/2024 - 02:45

Backpacking mother daughter girls summer camp on the olympic coast

We have just returned from three incredible days of backpacking on the Olympic Coast! The first day we woke up, packed up, and fueled our bodies with some yummy lemon and blueberry pancakes. We drove from Crescent Beach to Rialto Beach and backpacked into our campsite near Hole in the Wall. We set up tents and had a silly talent show featuring Nisreen’s relatable poem about using the bathroom outside while backpacking!

The next morning we slept in a bit and explored further up the coast taking time to look in all the tide pools. We found bright red starfish and green sea anemones. On our way back to the campsite we found some natural clay and had a pottery alpenolympic competition. Karlin wowed us all with her almost life-like cat sculpture! We returned to camp and enjoyed some dinner under the warm coastal sun. 

The next day we focused on individual skill beads. Lucy dedicated 45 minutes to moving and engineering heavy driftwood to make a magnificent shelter for her shelter bead. Kate and Melissa made trips up to a nearby stream to collect and treat water to keep everyone hydrated while working toward their water bead. Afterward, we had some yummy Nutella apple wraps and decorated our tents for the best nest competition! 

We had dinner by the waves and watched pelicans, eagles, and some seals play in the waves. We all tossed around a frisbee on the beach as the sun set, while we giggled about the trail names we have come up with! Some favorites were crystal, pocket-bacon, sun-cat, and poo-et. Once the sun went down we sat around Manpreet's cozy fire and drank hot chocolate! 

On our final morning in our gorgeous spot at Hole in the Wall, Nevaaz led yoga for the entire group. She created a silly yoga pose called diamond into cloud stretch. After some oatmeal with blueberries and nuts, we packed up and hiked along the beach once again. Now we are headed to our final campsite at Sol Duc hot springs. We are excited about some showers and our Alpengirl awards ceremony!