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Alpengirl Majestic Big Sky Backpacking Today

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Tue, 07/08/2014 - 17:22

A quick report from my visit with the Alpengirl group in Montana yesterday.... the girls really enjoyed rafting and the rock climbing and are currently getting ready for backpacking that will start after lunch today. A favorite meal was yesterday's Pesto Pasta Salad (Yvonne was asking for the recipe for that one - she loved it!) The girls have declared their skill beads and enjoyed Hobo Packets over a campfire last night. They are an enjoyable and friendly group, all are making friends and the weather has been awesome, a bit hot in day time and a bit cool at night in tents. Overall, group is adjusting to camp life with a bit of minor homesickness that is currently cleared up with a few girls and they will be out on the trail backpacking for the next few days, we'll blog again and post a photo after backpacking ends on Friday July 11. (Note - it has been a unusually high snow year in MT, I am guessing the backpacking trip will need to be adjusted while they are in the field. If they run into left over snow and trail is blocked, they will stay in the backcountry and explore the non-snow areas on backcountry day hikes and possible snow ball games.)

PARENT CALLS: The Alpenguides (not campers) will be calling parents on the scheduled parent call date which is Saturday July 12 - they staff call from blocked phone numbers, so please pick-up blocked numbers on that day.