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Alpengirl Montana Majestic Big Sky II Updates

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Tue, 07/14/2015 - 23:35

Yellowstone Park and Alpengirl CampThe Majestic Big Sky II Alpengirls are doing well - the first night of camp had thunder, lightening and rain but luckily Michelle, our always gracious host at the private animal rescue ranch we stay at, had an indoor arena/barn available for our first night at camp as shelter from the storm complete with outhouse and running water and girls seemed to enjoy it overall. The following day the LOD was Olivia and the group moved into tents next to the Yellowstone River and had a pleasurable morning yoga session gazing at the Yellowstone River and huge mountains in the near distance. The girls took a ranch tour to see alpacas and horses running in a herd, and more! The first few days of food/menu have been a hit - girls seemed to really like what staff have picked and soon girls will pick their own recipes and menus for the trip as well. Everyone attempted rock climbing with a few girls really doing very well and loving it - it was a hot and dry day with no shade while waiting to climb, that was challenging, but the climbing overall was good. After climbing the group headed into Yellowstone Park to set up camp and enjoy dinner: Chicken Satay served over coconut rice with salad on a stick on the side. After dinner the plan was for girls to start thinking about personal and group goals they have and want to meet during camp. The group has a great calm demeanor, gels as a group easily, and seem like a solid and mature bunch from this observers view (Alissa Camp Director). They are all well and will be canoeing tomorrow in late morning and enjoying hot showers and clean laundry tomorrow too!

Parent Calls from Camp Staff are tomorrow after canoeing ends - Alpenguides Rose or MacKenzie will be placing the call from blocked numbers to let you know how things are going at camp.