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Summer Camp Packing Tips

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Packing for Your Summer Adventure

Tue, 04/27/2021 - 09:00

Girls at summer adventure camp with packing list thingsYou may have been on a one- or two-week long trip before. Figuring out how to fit everything nicely into your suitcase probably took a while, didn't it? And now, you're going to camp and need to add a sleeping bag, some plastic dishes, utensils, a mug, and various other items to your essentials. Remove the suitcase from the equation, and replace it with one small and one large backpack...Looks like you’ve got some decisions to make and packing techniques to refine!

Alpengirl Camp provides a detailed summer camp packing list. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you collect the items on the packing list and begin putting it all together for your adventure:

- Bring travel-sized toiletries. Toiletries are undoubtedly the heaviest items per volume on the packing list. You’ll save space, reduce waste, and decrease the weight you’ll carry during the backpacking section of your trip by putting your usual toiletries into small containers, or buying travel-sized versions.Alpengirl Camp backpacker on the beach

- Avoid bringing stuff sacks for every separate item. We’ve seen many a backpacker with a separate waterproof stuff sack for their raincoat (do you really need to waterproof your raincoat?), their underwear, their t-shirts, their toothbrush (which is in a plastic case already), their contact case…You get the idea. Find a balance between being organized and keeping it simple. Stuff sacks can add weight, decrease space in your backpack, and make it much harder to access your things at need.

- Before you pack anything, loosen all the straps around the body of your backpack. Attempting to fit everything into a tightened pack can leave you frustrated, with a very uneven load and stuff overflowing out the top of your bag. Our packs often have much more room than we realize, because we forget to loosen the straps or don't use the extra compartments on the outside. When you begin to pack your bag, put your heaviest items close to the bottom and close to your back, and keep anything you might need while traveling in your small backpack or in the lid (top) of your big pack. Only then should you cinch down the outer straps to compress any extra space.

- When you pack your clothes, you might be tempted to fold everything. This is a wonderful habit at home, but in a backpack you’ll save space if you stuff your clothes rather than fold them. Avoid wrinkles by rolling things up first and then stuffing them, taking up every nook and cranny of space around other larger items in the pack.

- BRING YOUR FAVORITE TUNES. If you’re into music, bring a list of favorite songs with you! Come prepared for your day as LOD (Leader of the Day) because you’ll be the designated DJ! Write down a list of your favorite tunes for your new friends to enjoy and we can make a playlist for our time together when in the van.

Catherine Coe Alpengirl Camp StaffAlpengirl Camp Blog Post By Cat C ~ Cat is a former Alpenguide and can be found skiing, climbing, running, and hanging out with more than a few other Bozeman Alpenguides who live and play in Bozeman year-round.