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Alpengirl Summer Camp Staff Training - 2014

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Fri, 06/27/2014 - 13:46

Alpengirl 2014 Summer Camp Guides These 4 Alpenguides were recently seen at the Bozeman Airport arriving to staff training!

From left to right: Jackie, Danielle, Jessica and Rachel

We've just completed staff training for summer 2014 - the staff are super prepared, excited to meet the girls and eager to get the adventures underway!

Highlights from staff training included:

  • Setting up tents and seeing how they handle the rain and wind - there was a wild windy thunderstorm one night and the staff saw clearly that proper tent set up and staking is essential.
  • Trying out some Alpengirl recipes with favorites being Stuffed French Toast for breakfast and White Bean Chili for dinner.
  • Van driving training and practice reversing vans with trailers - Dani was voted "most improved" as she demonstrated consecutive S curves in reverse with a 15 passenger van and trailer.
  • Seeing wildlife and enjoying the natural landscape - Rachel saw a Golden Eagle and all Alpenguides enjoyed soaking at a local natural hot spring one evening.
  • Reviewing trail maps and pre-hiking the backpacking trail for MT Lil's Adventure to check the trail conditions - no leftover snow was found (well a little bit, enough to pick-up a snowball in some spots).
  • Jessica (aka Jestures) won the Alpeolympic Trap Wrestle Event and Costume Contest as she quickly transformed herself into "Juniper" the blue wigged tarp wrestler. Juniper demonstrated a running flow tarp move that was technically difficult and took loads of energy and totally won over the judges (her fellow Alpenguides) with her smile and effort! Jackie (aka Jumpin' Jax) won the Backcountry Toothbrushing Alpenolympic event, it was clear that she has done lots of backcountry camping in order to demo this technique so well!
  • First Aid Kit packing was not a what one might call a "fun event" but the staff appreciated the time spent on re-packing and organizing the first aid kits in order to become very familiar with everything in them. (Note: a few of the staffers probably did find this event "fun" because of the pleasure gained from organizing things, a personality trait that is helpful when leading groups.)
  • Canoe practice on the Jefferson River - the staff were very good at this already and the river was a challenge with a strong current and it's a bigger river than the rivers we canoe with the girls. Much confidence in this activity was seen and excellent skills were demonstrated.
  • Learning about the campers and team and co-leader bonding. We reviewed camper forms, travel schedules, and health forms and started getting to know the girls in their groups. The Alpenguides also had a great time getting to know their partners for the summer and are pleased with how well the pairings fit.

Overall the staff training was a great sucess - there was plenty of sun, few mosquitoes, interactions with fun camping neigbors who brought us fresh fish for dinner and shared poems with us, and fun memories created in the great outdoors with new friends and teammates!

We're ready to greet our first campers arriving in Montana (Montana Lil's) & Oregon (Columbia, Cascades & Coast) tomorrow!