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Alpengirls & Horse Riding in the Gorge

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Mon, 06/30/2014 - 23:03

Washington Alpengirl Camp Lunch Alpengirl Columbia, Cascades & Coast campers enjoying lunch (photo). The girls headed out for horseback riding today and it was another enjoyable event with great weather and a view of Mount Hood in the distance, the girls were a bit tired after riding today in the heat and sun and may be looking forward to a bit of rest in the van as they drive to a new campsite tonight closer to Mt St Helens area in WA. This evening the group will be met by Elvira, our outfitter backpacking guide who is joining the group for the next few days while the group hikes and backpacks in the Cascades. The group is in the wilderness for the next few days and there will be no blog posts during this time - the next blog post will be after they exit the backcountry on July 5. The staff are enjoying the girls and they are in good health and spirits with some great weather for camping with new friends.