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Alpengirls & Inflatable Kayaking Idaho

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Thu, 07/31/2014 - 22:14

Idaho Alpengirl KayakersThe Wild & Scenic Whitewater Raft Adventure girls showed off their water navigation skills yesterday in Idaho while inflatable kayaking. They also enjoyed the competition at a few different Alpenolympic events on the river, saw a moose right next to the river (it was the second one the girls have seen so far on this trip, cool!), tried some veggie dogs and turkey sandwiches (there were mixed reviews on the veggie dogs by vegetarians), saw tons of fish in the clear cool river, and got to know their kayak partners better through games and chit chat on the mellow nice floating river with full view of the Grand Teton in the background. Dagny was chosen to be 1st Leader of the Day and did a great job of helping girls with instructions and knowing how to do things the Alpengirl way. Today, the group opted to hike uphill 2 hours to enjoy a great view of the mountains and lunch at the top. The hike down was half the time, about 1 hour. They are now on their way towards Salmon, Idaho for more fun and adventure ahead! All is well, they are a friendly and talkative group of girls, plus efficient at getting things done which means more time for fun and hanging out for all :)