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Backpacking is Next Up for Olympic Alpengirls

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Mon, 07/28/2014 - 23:52

Alpengirls in WA had lots of fun rafting today (see pre-raft photo on Alpengirl Facebook page today) and are currently preparing for backpacking tomorrow in the rainforest (we'll have no blogs or photos during backpacking days coming up). Today all girls jumped in the river for a cold and fun swim and will perhaps take a walk down to Lake Crescent tonight after dinner for a view and a swim. Dinner tonight is the fabulous Mashed Potato Bar with all the fixin's and fresh local blackberry sponge cake - yum! They have enjoyed a bagel bar this am - cream cheese, strawberries, nutella and peanut butter and in genral eating pretty well, deluxe! Today's LOD is Maya and tomorrow is Ada, all girls have had a turn at that job and are doing well with it. The sisterhood mentality remains strong in the group, an efficient and agreeable bunch of Alpengirls under bluebird skies. Onward to backpacking the High Divide!