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Camp Staff Interviews

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Margaux from Puerto Rico

Thu, 01/21/2016 - 19:15

Margaux M. is a seasoned Alpengirl camper, she’s traveled from Puerto Rico every year for the past 7 years to attend Alpengirl.  We recently been in conversations with Maragux about a full summer staff position at Alpengirl, here are a few highlights...

Alpengirl & Friendship:

In this summer camp you can find adventure, leadership, responsibility, fun, and most importantly of all, you can find friendship. 

Margaux at Alpengirl Camp age 12I've been a part of this camp since I was 12 years old and I I've met so many great people. What is truly amazing is that in only two weeks you come to know someone so well that you’ll even cry when you have to say good-bye to them. The fact that I've met people from all over the world and the've become some of the best friends I've ever had makes me really happy.

Friendship with others, with yourself and with the wilderness happen at Alpengirl.  

My Future Goals:

I have many goals in my life and I hope to complete them all. One of them is to become a marine biologist or a zoologist. I want this as a career because I love animals and I have loved the ocean ever since I was a little girl. I also think that it is a really interesting science and that there's a whole world of things yet to discover. 

Another goal I have is that I want to travel the world. It’s my dream to backpack Europe, Asia, North America and lots of other places. 

Margaux in Alaska at girls camp with Alpengirl

For now I want to focus on my education, I want to be admitted into a good university, and I want an awesome summer job at Alpengirl where I can have fun leading girls outdoors.

My Most Admired Alpenguides:

There are so many Alpenguides that I have learned from and they inspired me to become a girl of adventure and see the wonders the world has in store.

Marguax at girls camp in Washington

The first one is Alyssa Schmit. She was my guide for 3 straight years. She was really fun and when she needed to be serious she really knew how to handle any situation. I learned so many things this past summer from Hillary G (aka Shox), Phoebe R and Anna S. These guides taught me how to be responsible with the girls, how to handle situations and how to be organized so nothing important gets lost or overlooked. They were super fun Alpenguides and they made me feel like part of the leadership team and were like family.

Margaux, Phoebe, Hillary and Anna in Bozeman at girls camp

Why Adventure With Me: 

I think girls would like to go on an Alpengirl trip with me because I know that I can be a friend to them and a guide at the same time. I can be responsible and if they need someone to talk to I will listen at any time. I also want them to participate in all activities and have adventures that they will never forget.

My Superhuman Powers:

I have the power of super stretchy, just like the hero Mr. Fantastic. I’m able to bend and stretch beyond the average person and I’m able to help out girls in many ways and also make people laugh and enjoy.

Margaux at Alpengirl girls camp in Norway