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Choosing the Best Girls Camp

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Best Summer Camps for Girls

Sat, 04/08/2017 - 18:39

When it comes to choosing which summer camp to attend, girls and parents want to make the best camp decision. Whether your family is considering sleep-away camp for the first time or your daughter is a seasoned camper, here are some important criteria to consider when selecting the best summer camp for girls.

Sea kayaking in Washington at Alpengirl Girls Summer CampLocation, location, location: Where the young woman in your family learns about the outdoors makes a big difference. Whether you’re looking for something close to home or an adventure across the country, Alpengirl Summer Adventure Camp leads trips in some of the coolest wilderness areas in America! Yellowstone, the Pacific Coast, Wild & Scenic Idaho, Rugged Wyoming: you simply won’t find a better selection of western outdoor places for the young adventuress in your family to explore her skills in nature.

Alpengirl best summer girls camp friends

Friends for life: A huge part of any summer camp experience is the friendships that form. There is something special about the quality of friendship created at Alpengirl. It comes from the amazing experiences girls share, their trust in the team, and the fact that Alpengirl is always a judgment-free environment. Camp is different than school or other “regular life” settings, because at Alpengirl girls are free to really be themselves. The bonds that form at camp last across distance and time. Campers often plan to meet up “next year” and stay in contact through the school year. These friendships can give girls a boost of confidence through the challenges of adolescence, too. Girls shine bright at Alpengirl!

Best summer girls camp food

Good food: Any experienced camper can tell you, Alpengirls eat well! Whether it’s teriyaki stir fry, fresh fruit salad with yogurt, or good ol’ grilled cheese, we know that successful adventures require high quality camp food. Alpengirl even has its own cookbook designed to satisfy the appetites of active, growing girls. At Alpengirl we also understand that some girls have specific needs and dietary sensitivities. Vegetarian, picky-eaters, or allergies: we’re prepared for many situations and our options are delicious!

Awesome activities: Memories are made on the trail, on the river, and in the saddle—and Alpengirl offers the best adventures on the market. Does she want to try rock climbing in the North Cascades? What about surfing in Washington? If she’s an equestrian by nature, she’ll get to be a real cowgirl in Montana. Whitewater rafting is always a favorite, and sea kayaking is a great way to get started paddling. All Alpengirl trips incorporate 4-5 day backcountry backpacking, rafting or horse packing trips to introduce girls to techniques of backcountry travel. Whatever activities your family decides on, your young outdoorswoman will build camp skills she’ll have forever. And she’ll make unbeatable memories.

best summer camp for girls staff

Safety and credibility: When you send your young one away, you want to know she’s in careful and caring hands. That’s something you can always count on with Alpengirl Summer Adventure Camp. For over 15 years Alpengirl has been providing safe and successful adventure trips for girls. We’re reviewed and accredited by the American Camp Association, the nation’s premier summer camp certifier. Each instructor team is trained in Wilderness First Aid, CPR, and Lifeguard rescue. In addition, our instructors are experienced outdoorswomen who are great role models. We’ve built our reputation on providing young women with amazing experiences and providing families with the peace of mind that their girls are being well taken care of. Safety is our #1 priority.

This summer, join the ranks of girls and families who’ve chosen Alpengirl as the best summer camp for girls!