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Columbia Cascades Coast : Alpengirls Doing Great

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Tue, 06/28/2016 - 21:55

Camp staff checked in, all is going great at CCC in Washington. 

The rafting was awesome everyone had fun and all the girls switched seats in the boat, Lanae and Sellers took the raft guide up on the offer to jump in the river and had a blast! 

Girls enjoyed stirfry for dinner the cook group that night was Maddie, Jayden & Erin  and did a great job.

The girls enjoyed a few AlpenOlympic events recently, one of which was the leave no trace event that Maggie and Maddie Won. 

The girls are excited for the camp skill beads and several girls have chosen to go for the wilderness first aid Bead,  A few girls have gone for an extra challenge of the group livin bead.

Weather has been good which made the horse ride even more enjoyable.

Martha took a turn at leader of the day and did a great job with a really funny voice announcing dinner and wore the American flag headband with star in antenna all day, what a spark plug!

The group play more getting to know you games and really enjoyed the game called "where the wind blow" to find similarities among the group... many are skiers and snowboarders.

Today the girls on a day hike visiting waterfalls and possibly even swimming in swimming holes, tonight they will enjoy campfire and s'mores and a care package!  

Tomorrow the group begins the backpacking trip, well blog again upon exiting the backcountry on July 2.

All is well in CCC! Camp staff have a scheduled call day to parents sometime on July 3,  they will try all of the phone numbers and then leave a detailed message for parents on that day.