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Costumes, Dancing & Talent Shows

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Alpengirls Know How to Have Fun!

Tue, 04/16/2024 - 19:13

Summer camp fun activities costumesIn addition to awesome outdoor activities like hiking, rafting, and horseback riding, Alpengirl Summer Adventure Camp is a great place for girls to let loose and have FUN! Everyday at camp is an opportunity for getting goofy with a trusted circle of young women. Each camp session features a creative costume contest, a talent show, and the classic Alpengirl pastime: roadside dance parties!

Costume contests are a time-honored Alpengirl tradition that usually take place during the backpacking trip of each session. The challenge is for each girl to invent the zaniest, most creative costume with just the clothing and supplies that she brought on the trip. We’ve seen plenty of inside-out and upside-down, plus crazy hairdos or even sleeping pads transformed into headdresses! Experienced Alpengirls who love to dress up sometimes pack one or two special items for costume time, such as rainbow tights or goofy glasses. When the time comes, tents are filled with laughter as fellow campers help one another come up with the silliest costume of all!

Summer camp activity talent showTalent show night is much anticipated by campers who often prepare all day to present their special skill. Girls sometimes work in pairs or groups to come up with hilarious skits or impressive musical performances. Others go solo, choosing to perform a dance routine they know from back home or take advantage of artistic skills to create a blindfolded sketch. When the curtain goes up we’re all ears and eyes to see what our talented Alpengirls can do. We’ve heard Shakespearian monologues performed in the backcountry, tap dance duets on picnic tables, burgeoning stand up comedy routines, and silly party tricks that delight the crowd. The diversity of talent in a group of Alpengirls never fails to impress, and girls feel great getting to show off their unique skills to the team.

Roadside dance parties may be the trademark of Alpengirl fun that every camper remembers. You never know exactly when a dance party will happen, but there are few preconditions: 1) A safe spot well away from traffic, 2) The whole group is feeling great, and 3) It has to be a really, really good song.

For those who have never experienced an Alpengirl roadside dance party, this is how it happens. A van full of happy, stoked Alpengirls is cruising to their next adventure. Maybe the girls are all singing along to a tune that the Leader of the Day has cued up. Campers might notice a glint in the eyes of their Alpenguides. Then suddenly the van pulls over into a turnout, the doors open, the volume turns up, and all the Alpengirls pile out. Let the dancing begin! Girls jump around doing their best dance moves. They pump their fists in the air while music pours out of the van speakers. All their wiggles and shakes and laughter come out in the fresh air as shoe soles crunch on gravel. When the song wraps up, the girls smile and high-five one another as they pile back into the van. They are pumped up and shaken out, ready for the next adventure! 

Dance party summer camp activityAlpengirl Camp blog post by former Alpenguide Anna, a.k.a. “Mama Longlegs.” Anna’s favorite costume piece is her red sequin shorts!