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Alpengirls Summit Desolation Peak

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North Cascades National Park

Sat, 07/15/2017 - 15:49

girls hiking blogAll girls made it to the top! A 14 mile roundtrip day hike to the top of Desolation Peak during the backpacking trip in North Cascades National Park was a great success! 

After a delayed start to the backpacking trip on day one, the group had a very positive experience backpacking! All days were sunny and warm with cooler cloudy mornings. The group left the front country campsite at 6 am to catch a boat taxi that took them to the start of the backpacking trail on Ross lake and then they hiked about 6 miles to their campsite at Roland Creek - it was uphill and warm but no complaints:) and led by LOD Sammie. 

The second day of hiking was an easier day with an earlier arrival to the campsite where the group could hang out a bit more at camp and catch up on earning skill beads such as Fire and Navigation and Shelter. This evening the group started a new tradition - “Story Time with Sophia” where Sophia reads a book aloud to the group before bed, so nice!

The next day the group enjoyed a good sunny hike with lunch at Rainbow Point along the lake and had an afternoon swim in Ross Lake. This day was led by LOD Gemma and this evening’s highlight was the Alpenolympic Talent Show won by Sarah and Claire with a comedy act. 

A shorter hike today which included more swimming and a scouting trip to see where the Desolation Peak trail junction was located and getting psyched up for the early morning push tomorrow. Today also included fire building skills, shelter building skills and another swim in the evening near the campsite. The girls have enjoyed playing a game called “Vampire Lutefisk” which is a tag type game and the LOD was Kylie. An Alpenolympic Hair Wash and Hair Flip contest took place today at camp.

The group left campsite at 6:45 am this morning and made it to the top of the peak by 1:10 pm, had a tour of the fire lookout and great views all around and all felt really proud of the accomplishment which ended in eating of the “Victory Oreos.” They group made it back to camp by 6 pm and enjoyed a swim in the lake. Today was led by LOD Aila who did really well at motivating the group to make it to the top. Dinner this evening was spaghetti and an girls enjoyed an Alpenolympic Hand Snap Game this evening too. 

The backpacking trip ended with another boat taxi back down the lake and girls are now back in the front country all fresh showered and laundry done and ready to rock climb today. 

All is well in North Cascades Adventure I!