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From the Field: Montana & Washington Camp Groups

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Mon, 07/18/2016 - 00:46

It was a great day at both MT and WA Camps today!

Montana: Camp director (Alissa) was able to take the day and float the river with the Horse Camp girls and Alpenguides - 2 hours floating, splashing, talking and laughing all the way to the take-out. It was hot and sunny and many snacks were needed after so much time outdoors in Big Sky country. Their LOD today was Alli who did a great job at asking girls to keep drinking water and also on facilitating a group discussion and decision about what we should do about the inner tubes with holes in them! The girls were in fine spirits and seemed a little beat at the end of tubing float, they were ready for a little free time back at camp and the Cook group was getting ready to start dinner - Teriyaki Stir Fry and quinoa with stuffed apricots for appetizers. Their plan is to soak at the hot spring after dinner tonight. Then, more time on the water tomorrow at the mountain lake for  sup, kayak and canoe! The group is gelling well!

Washington: Alpenguides report in that the climbing day yesterday was a highlight with everyone trying their best and even those girls who were a little nervous tried to push themselves a bit. There were some super climber girls in the group that topped out on the 70 ft wall - way to go! They enjoyed a horse ride this morning and it's hot and sunny so far with very little rain. 5 girls have earned their Fire skill beads: Isyy, Olivia, Micki, Eleanor, Summer. Micki and Sarah W so far have earned their Cook beads with more girls soon to complete theirs. Alpenolympic game included Tanks and Tank Drivers - winners were Issy and Ella. Today and tonight is a great day to celebrate a birthday at camp - the group will be having a costume theme dinner, birthday dessert and candles and card and an animated dinner for Ellie. Ellie is also today's LOD! Currently, the group is en route back towards Bellingham and the campground tonight - girls are napping in the van and are also tired from all the non-stop activities.They are sure to enjoy the last few days of camp with kaykaing, shopping and pizza party coming up!