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Horse Pack Trip Success & Yellowstone Park Today

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Mon, 07/25/2016 - 22:59

girls summer horse campThe girls really had a blast during the 5-day Horse Pack Trip - these girls are crazy for horses and were always asking and wanting to be around or on a horse! They rode over 25 miles in SW MT on the ID border on the continental divide and spent the first 2 nights at the backcountry base camp called Shambow  and then spent a night camping in the outback under the stars near Slide Mountain and the next night at Odell Lake before returning to the valley and wildlife refuge below. Every day included horse gathering, bridle, saddle, brush and ride as well as lots of wildflowers in bloom and perfect weather! Each night included campfires (some girls learned how to create a bow drill fire ~ thanks to Alpenguide Amanda!) and there was much entertainment provided by the outfitters who hiked many of the girls to the top of an 8000 ft mountain and allowed us to explore the famous “bear den,” took us fishing (nope, no fish caught but fun to try) and encouraged snow ball fights and additional learning and advancement for more experienced riders who were allowed to lope a little bit. They also showed us how to work a bull whip and tie knots and handle the mules and in general were great company to be with as always! Only down side to pack trip was horse flies, mosquitoes and some chapped lips.  

Currently the group is settled into their campsite in Yellowstone Park for the evening after a long day of touring the Park to see Old Faithful Geyser (first geyser in the Park to receive a name) and Grand Prismatic Spring (largest hot spring in the US and 3rd largest in the world) and everyone is beat! The day has been full of Alpenolympics such as “Ranger Danger” and an Old Faithful impersonation (Allie wins this Alpenolympic!) Girls have started to pick the menu now and lunch today was pb and j and peach sandwiches and tonight is Maddy is going to make us mac and cheese with hot dogs for dinner! Also up this evening: Alpenolympic Talent Show! It’s all going smoothly and girls are having lots of fun!

NOTE: Group is in YNP now with limited access to cell service in order to provide a photo, we hope to receive one tonight or tomorrow to post on Alpengirl Camp Facebook and Instagram.