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Horseback Riding Fun at North Cascades Camp

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Sun, 07/19/2015 - 15:03

Horseback Riding at Girls Camp WashingtonAll girls in North Cascades Adventure had a blast horseback riding yesterday near Winthrop, WA, it was super hot but luckily the ride was during the cooler morning hours and the group was on the van drive towards Bellingham during the hottest part of the day. Maycee cooked breakfast yearday and made breakfast sandwiches with fruit on the side. Sofia, Makayla and Julia cooked dinner - Turkey Burgers with Caeasar Salad and Bruschetta with Fruit Kabobs for dessert. The girls wrote Alpenessays last night and the winner will be announced later tonight at the closing awards ceremony. There has been plenty of singing in the van rides and the girls going for the Wilderness First Aid skill bead enjoyed learning about hypothermia and CPR from the Alpenguides. Yesterday's LOD was Chloe and today the LOD is Makayla. Tonight is the final night of camp, the group is currently sea kayaking and will be shopping and having awards celebration later today and tonight.