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Majestic Big Sky Girls Embark on Backpacking Adventure

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Wed, 07/08/2015 - 13:30

Majestic Big Sky backpacking adventure has begunMore adventure awaits the girls of Majestic Big Sky! Yesterday, the girls geared up with packs on and some awesome costumes for the first day of their four-day backpacking trip. So far this trip, the girls have enjoyed alpenolympic events such as salad bowl, with Abby Cate coming out as our winner, as well as rose bud thorn reflection time. The girls played a get-to-know-you m&m game after their first dinner, resulting in giggly girls with moutfuls of chocolate! Because of this, they started calling white water rafting "Ra Ra Ra". Two days ago, the girls had a wonderful half-day of "Ra Ra Ra" with their fantastic guide named Ale. Abby Cate was our LOD for the rafting trip and sat in the front of the raft. During the trip, Ale taught the girls some birds, like the swallow and American dipper, while the girls stumped him with a riddle. After rafting, all girls declared their beads, and Abby started work on her fire bead by helping with the hobo packets for dinner. And, of course, no campfire would be complete without s'mores! Other delicious food so far has included turkey bacon, eggs, and english muffins for breakfast. As for now, the girls are high-spirited, and Josie led us into the backcountry as the LOD for the first day of backpacking yesterday. The girls are on their way to their second lakeside campsite today as the adventure continues!