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Majestic Big Sky I Finishes Backpacking

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Sat, 07/11/2015 - 03:32

Alpengirl camper makes breakfast by mountain lakeThe girls of Majestic Big Sky I have finished backpacking! They spent the last four days traveling in the Gallatin Range, camping at various mountain lakes and even doing a day-hike up to the Gallatin Divide earlier this afternoon. Thanks to Abby Cate's care package at the start of backpacking, the girls ended up with some goofy costumes too! Katrina's costume consisted of hand puppets named Bertha and Harold, and Josie became the minion of the ghost of styles past. Abby, or "Ookla the Cavewoman" emerged, as did Abby Cate as a mermaid. Each girl also created their own trail name during the backpacking portion of camp: Josie is Saurus, Katrina is the Riffer, Jules is Zip, Abby Cate is Turtle, and Abby is Flo. The girls prepared some fantastic food on their trip, and their favorite meal was the chicken and rice dinner. Jules enjoyed the backcountry cooking by helping with the bagel bar breakfast. The girls played nalgene shotput as an Alpenolympic event, and Abby Cate was the winner. Other exciting activities included five finger bios and a wild game of fantasy in which Abby was "it" and helped the girls concoct a crazy story about whales! The girls also thoroughly enjoyed yoga next to Hidden Lakes and Golden Trout Lake. Katrina is now close to finishing her shelter bead, and other girls are on their way to completing their beads as well. The girls were happy to see the van after their backpacking trip, and they enjoyed shredded chicken BBQ burgers for dinner with brown sugar strawberries for dessert to celebrate their accomplishment over the past few days. The group is now in Idaho getting some well deserved rest before continuing with the adventures with a day of canoeing tomorrow!