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Majestic Big Sky Summer Adventure Camp Starts Today

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Sat, 07/05/2014 - 23:49

Alpengirl Montana Girls CampWELCOME to Montana Alpengirls! The Majestic Big Sky Alpengirls have arrived and are currently setting up camp for their first night together. All is well, they have played a few name games, enjoyed some fresh carrots and snap peas that Yvonne's parents delivered to us from their organic farm and are probably right now dipping their toes in the cool stream next to their campsite to take away the heat of the day. It's hot here, almost reached 90 degrees bit luckily the girls have rafting tomorrow to cool off again. They are a talkative and engaging group and we'll keep blogging as we are able to during camp and hope to have a few more photos also to share during camp.