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Meet the Alpenguides

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Introducing the 2017 Camp Staff

Sun, 02/19/2017 - 19:11

Alpengirl summer camp staff - Alpenguide Peia the Pixie“The Alpenguides,” our adventure camp leaders, are the number one reason girls choose Alpengirl. They are more than just counselors - they are role models, mentors, educators, and friends and they love working with our Alpengirls! The Alpenguides are passionate about getting girls involved in the outdoors and excited to be a part of a community of strong young females. 

Our Alpenguides offer a valuable variety of personalities, backgrounds and superhuman powers but they do share a few things in common: A passion for the outdoors, great rapport with teenagers, and a desire to have FUN! They are seasoned outdoors-women with professional certifications and extensive experience working with youth. They will make it their top priority to keep our girls safe this summer.

Our 2017 Alpenguides are set and rearing to go! These inspiring women are currently working as teachers, ski instructors, artists, bakers and environmental educators across the country and the world, while getting excited for a summer with Alpengirl. They will assemble mid-June for a six-day staff training in Bozeman, MT.  

Here are a couple highlights from our crew: (Want more? Go check out our “Meet the Alpenguides” page)

While studying at the University of Washington, Peia the Pixie completed a senior project focusing on the benefits of all-girls recreation programs. She is a freelance artist and volunteers at animal shelters and sanctuaries. 

Sunny K works as a kids’ ski instructors while studying to be an elementary teacher. She loves to dance, sing, and cook Persian food for her friends. Maybe she’ll even cook some for you! 

Alpengirl summer camp leader - JigsawJigsaw lived in Tanzania where she studied giraffes and learned Swahili! She runs a small recycled-craft business in her free time.

Honey Bee has lived and worked in more countries that you can count! She spends her winters snorkeling in Latin America and is currently teaching environmental education in Malibu, CA. 

Cosmologica grew up fishing and swimming in Minnesota. She lived in New Zealand and Australia before moving to Montana where she currently works her dream job as a high school science teacher!

Meet Wise Owl - Summer Camp Leader at AlpengirlWise Owl loves to learn and currently studies philosophy, political science and Spanish at Colorado College. She did a 10-day solo hike in the Pyrenees Mountains and leads backcountry trips for her school.

Fluent in French, Pow is currently working at an alpine restaurant in the southern Alps of France! She has worked as an educator, tutor and trip leader all over the US and the world. 

FAUM was an Alpengirl herself at age 14! She currently lives in Colorado and works as a professional baker. 

Biscuit rose de Reims worked for several years in Wilderness Therapy, taking at-risk teen girls backpacking and climbing in Utah. In 2013, she achieved a lifetime goal of cycling unsupported across the USA!

Buzz is currently attending MSU in Bozeman, MT and is studying Environment Studies and Economics and in her free time she skates in the roller derby and is a volunteer ski patroller at Big Sky Ski Resort.

Shakin’ Bacon studied abroad in the Seychelles, an island nation off the coast of east Africa. She got to SCUBA dive in order to research marine ecosystems!

Jennanigans has travelled to Africa, Europe, South America and Antarctica! She currently works as a mental health counselor in Bozeman, MT.

Our Alpenguides can’t wait to meet you!