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Montana Lil’s Adventure

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Let's Start With Pancakes!

Thu, 06/29/2017 - 04:41

MT Lil's Camping GroupSo far we have excelled at yoga with Alpenguide Cassy leading the way and India is going for the Yoga Skill Bead! Alpenguide Heidi has prepared many delicious breakfasts one of which was Blueberry Lemon Pancakes. While at the campsite in the days before backpacking, we enjoyed Pesto Pasta Salad for lunch, had a water balloon fight, went for a day hike, toured the caverns with a Park Ranger, we enjoyed s’mores and Laura's care package which included chocolate fondue. Maggie led us in campfire songs and earned her Fire Skill Bead by starting her own fire. Alpenolympics won were Wren for Water Bottle Shot Put, Anna and Hazel for Geyser Impersonation, Wren, Hazel and Elie won Machine by being a washing machine and everyone earned a karma point for something they did! Ellie and Hazel have been our leaders of the day and the group said they loved their positive attitudes, confidence and democratic decision making! Everyone also loved when they played Taylor Swift as van DJs. We did see a rattlesnake on our day hike near campground but we gave it a lot of space and had no incident and hiked back down the trail and mosquitos have been bugging us at times.Packing for the backpacking trip took quite a while, but all girls were in great spirits and are excited for the backpacking trip. 

The MT Lil’s are continuing the backpacking trip today (Wednesday) and will finish the trip tomorrow with a 4 mile hike back to the trailhead followed by pizza party, hot spring soaking, Alpenwear camp store fashion show and awards ceremony tomorrow evening - their last night together before camp ends back at the Bozeman Airport on Friday June 30.