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Montana Lil's and Cavern Tour Today

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Sun, 06/29/2014 - 22:45

Alpengirl Cavern Tour in MT The Montana Lil' Alpengirls enjoyed the first day of yoga, followed by breakfast and finished up intros to camp before a 2 mile hike throught the lit Lewis & Clark Caverns. The ranger led them through the tunnels and the girls squirmed through small spaces and into huge underground rooms to see "Romeo and Juliet" and "Santa Claus" formations in the caves. At one point the ranger turned off all lights and it was super neat to be 90 feet underground and in cool darkness for a few quiet moments. All girls are doing well, getting along, enjoying the company of guides and girls alike. Weather has cleared and nice day, a bit windy though. Girls have all selected different skill beads (shelter, water, yoga, group living), and tonight Tessa will be earning part of her Fire Bead by starting her own campfire that the group will cook their Hobo Packets on and enjoy s'mores! Everyone's doing great and backpacking will start tomorrow and forecast looks good, there will be few (if any) blog posts during the backpacking trip which starts tomorrow and ends on Thursday afternoon, so, this may be our last MT Lil's post. The blog person (Alissa - Camp Director) will be with the group on Thursday to celebrate end of camp session and there is limited internet at the hot spring, so not sure we'll be able to post again until after camp ends, it's such a quick and fun session. All is well "no news = good news" from camp ;)