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MT Lil's Last Night

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Fri, 07/01/2016 - 03:10

Hikers and snowballs at Alpengirl CampThese girls are GREAT hikers! The group was very successful at completing the backpacking trip, they hiked out in record time and when I saw them this evening at hot springs for soaking all were in great spirits, smiling, happy, not sun burned but all had a few bug bites even with applications of bug juice. The group had a thunderstorm last night at the lake in the evening while in tents but no issues other than it always being a little scary to hear thunder and lightening while camping, they handled it really well. Yesterday the group decided on a day hike to find an abandoned mine, but, instead found a different lake, it ended up being about 7 miles day hike and still time ot work on skill beads at camp at the lake. Girls had a swim in the lake upon arrival on day 2 of backpacking and it sounds like overall a very sucessful, fun and friendly group that hikes REALLY well! Tonight the girls had showers and got clean luandry and enjoyed watermelon, pizza sandwich and brownies! They also enjoyed a care package that included stickers and fruit leathers for all. Girls had a chance to buy Alpenwear items tonight and many bought hoodies and sweatpants. The girls are due back at airport for departures tomorrow, right now they are likely enjoying their awards ceremony and skill beads necklace presentations before bedtime. They were a joyful group to start the summer with - Robin, Amanda, Margaux and Cat say, "Thank you! And we hope to see these girls again at camp!"