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The North Cascades Adventure Begins

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Fri, 07/10/2015 - 02:55

North Cascades Group Ready for AdventureThe girls of the North Cascades trip have arrived and begun their adventure! Everything has started off wonderfully smooth for this group of girls who all seem excited for a good time and well prepared for the adventures to come. The group has now set up camp and cooked a delicious meal of bean and rice burritos. More games are on the horizon for the rest of the night as the girls finish off their first day. Tomorrow, the Alpenguides will finish their lessons for the girls and play tons of fun and energetic get-to-know-you activities before lunch. After lunch, the North Cascades girls have a great half-day of rafting to look forward to! Their post-rafting dinner will be goat cheese stuffed apricot appetizers followed by teriyaki stirfry served over a bed of rice for the main course. The adventures have just begun, and many more will follow!