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North Cascades Girls ~ Rafting & Skill Beads

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Sun, 07/12/2015 - 21:51

The whitewater rafting trip on the Sauk River was a hoot! We had 3 boats and 3 excellent raft guides from Adventure Cascades in Darrington, WA.The river was at record low levels but that did not make much of a difference in the amount of fun we had - it was constant maneuvering in the boats, splashes and bouncing off boulders and several opportunities for girls to exit the boat and swim - Chloe almost exited the boat unintentionally during rafting - Whoops! But, she got pulled back in the boat before she went into the cool and clear water. The raft guides told us about the local history, fauna (we saw Harlequin ducks - an indicator species of pristine environments!), and geology and were super at making the whole experience fun and memorable - and we were happy that “Mr. Coolio” the raft guide let us dunk him for fun!

The temperatures in WA have been really nice to start camp - cool and slightly overcast. However, some places have fire ban, so we may not be able to have the campfire we planned on, keep your fingers crossed - s’mores are great hot and still great cold, but more fun over a campfire!

The 1st Cook Crew was Maysee, Adair & Sofia - they made the goat cheese stuffed apricot appetizers, Teriyaki StirFry and a surprise Cheesecake for dessert! 

Ellie G won a leaf/boat race on the river during rafting and Julie won the Alpenolympic Charades game. Girls enjoyed big fun with a charades/taboo game that had all in stitches and brought out the inner actress in all girls.

The girls have selected the camp skill beads they are going for: Sophie - cook, shelter. Maysee - cook, yoga. Makayla - cook yoga. Julia cook, yoga. Sofia - cook, shelter. Ellie G - shelter, backpack. Adair - water and wilderness first aid. Ellie S - wilderness first aid, shelter. Chloe - wilderness first aid and shelter. Anja - water and shelter. Plus: ALL girls are opting to try to earn the Group Living Skill Bead also - showing a great commitment to a positive group experience for all! 

So far Maysee & Adiar have had a turn at Leader of the Day (LOD) duty and have done well at that.

This group of girls seems to be happy, close knit and quickly comfortable with each other and camp. The group is backpacking now and we’ll try to post another blog and photo around July 17. July 17 is also the Parent Call day - the day Hillary or Maya will call with updates from camp and your campers.