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North Cascades I Alpengirls - Peak Summit

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Sat, 07/16/2016 - 00:37

Desolation Peak SummitNorth Cascades I Alpengirls are doing great - tired and sore from much hiking but happy with showers and laundry tonight! 

The first few days of backpacking were overcast which was nice because for cooler temperatures and getting used to how to backpack. The last few days of backpacking were sunny and clear and girls really grew into being backpackers and started leading each other better than in the beginning days. Girls enjoyed camping at the Lightening Creek campsite and saw the sun set behind the mountains from the boat dock there.

The best news is that ALL 10 girls summited Desolation Peak! This was a big challenge and girls were very supportive of each other and helped everyone make it. They left at the crack of dawn at 6 am to summit by lunchtime and girls were stunned by the clear sunny views of the peaks around them. 

One camper had never seen real snow before and had the chance to build a small snowman from some leftover snow near the summit. The dinner of Mac n Cheese was a hit after descending Desolation Peak.

Girls seemed to really enjoy the oatmeal breakfast, tiramisu dessert and pasta dinner.

The Alpenolymic Talent Show was won by Ellen and Issy for performing  a song and dance from Matilda. Ellie, Sarah B and Olivia won the best nest Alpenolympic.

The first roadside dance party happened before backpacking and there is sure to be another one or two before the trip ends.

Girls are working on earning skill beads at camp - almost all girls have elected to go for the Group Living Bead - which means each girl is dedicated to being the best group person she can be and each leads a discussion about important matters in life such as family relationships, friends and fears. Tonight Sarah W is working on her Cooking Bead and is cooking meat and cheese ravioli with caesar salad and garlic bread and scrambled brownies for dessert! Eleanor and Sarah B have both earned their Backpacking Skill beads. 

Tonight the group is in Winthrop, WA camping, taking showers and doing laundry and resting up for a big day again tomorrow with rock climbing. 

Tomorrow is the scheduled day that Alpenguides (not campers) will call parents to let them know how camp is going. The Alpenguides will try your phone numbers in morning, afternoon or evening and leave a message for you if they miss you when they call. NOTE: Alpenguides call from blocked numbers - so it’s a good day to pick up blocked numbers:)