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North Cascades II - Raft and Backpack

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Sun, 07/24/2016 - 12:52

sauk river girls camp raft tripNorth Cascades Adventure II - Raft and Backpacking

Rafting went great yesterday! The raft guides were awesome and we enjoyed a sunny day in the Sauk River. Each girl got to "ride the bull" in the front of the boat, and Ashley and Iris both got to try to captain the rafts from the guide positions. Each raft surfed some waves and the girls got plenty of splashes! Eva was our first Leader of the Day (LOD) and did a great job! We finished up all the safety and intro to camping lessons and each girl declared her 2 skill beads. The girls enjoyed pancakes for breakfast, turkey sandwiches for lunch, and stir fry for dinner. We pre-packed for backpacking last night and the girls are stoked and ready to go today! 

The group will be in the backcountry for the next 6-days, hiking and camping along Ross Lake in North Cascades National Park, we'll blog again and hope to have more pics available to post after backpacking ends on June 29. All is well and everyone is ready for a rewarding and fun backpacking trip ahead. 

Note: Photo of packing backpacks yesterday on Alpengirl Camp Facebook page