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North Cascades Success - Backpacking Trip Great

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Fri, 07/17/2015 - 13:54

Desolation Peak Girls HikeAlpengirls in North Cascades are doing great, they successfully completed the backpack trip and 5 girls made it to the top of Desolation Peak - a 10 hour, 14-mile round-trip hike! The girls enjoyed a fun Alpenolympic Talent Show with lots of hysterical skits and songs, a sassy rendition of "Annie" called "Frannie" (directed by Maysee, starring Julia and other acting by Makayla and Sophie) won the Gold Medal - 1st place! Jumping in the lake, an Alpenolympic Nalgene Shot-put Event, a backcountry wedding, and a hair washing contest and Alpengirl soap commercial were all enjoyed during the backpacking trip as well. The boat taxi ride on the final day of backpacking was fun and the group is now all showered up with clean laundry in the Winthrop area.

Parent Calls from Staff (Hillary or Maya) are today (Note - staff call from blocked numbers.)