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Camper Care & Birthday Packages

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Care Package Orders Due June 7

Wed, 05/12/2021 - 09:00

Summer camp care packages

It's Time to Order ~ Group Care Packages! 

Camper parents, friends or family may wish to purchase a camper care package or birthday package for their camper and her camp group. These must be purchased prior to the summer camp season (before June 7) in order for staff to have them ready for camps in different locations throughout the summer. If you purchase a gift package to celebrate a campers’ birthday during camp, a cake/desert and candles are automatically included; we always celebrate birthdays at camp with a desert and candles, regardless of whether or not a birthday gift package is purchased.

Care package options for the 2021 camp season: 

  • The Entertainer: Each camper in the group receives: a recycled and hilarious 5-minute costume party accessory, a finger puppet and a pack of yummy circus animal cookies. The special camper receives a purple bandana with colorful puffy paint for personalizing the bandana. $30
  • The Artist: Each camper in the group receives: A pack of brownie brittle, a stamped local postcard, a colored gel pen and an artsy temporary tattoo. The special camper receives a set of charcoal sketching pencils and an artist sketchbook to capture the beauty around her! $50
  • The Happy Camper: Each camper in the group receives: a fancy hot cocoa packet, fun flavored Smashmallows, a sun art kit page, and a Nature BINGO playing card with dots. The special camper receives a personalized Alpengirl "Happy Camper" tin mug. $70

Call the Alpengirl office at (406) 570-6312 to arrange for a package for your camper and her group! Remember, only 1 type of each package may be purchased for each trip, so call to see if care packages have already been purchased for your camper's session. [NOTE: Care packages are not available at MT Wild Canoeist Adventures nor at WA Coast Backpacker Adventures.]

Current Availability Today:

  • The Entertainer is still available at Yellowstone Horseback Adventure I, Yellowstone Horseback Adventure II, Montan & Yellowstone Adventure, Majestic Big Sky Adventure, Olympic Sea to Summit Adventure, WA Lil's Adventure
  • The Artist is still available at Cascades Sea to Summit Adventure, Majestic Big Sky Adventure
  • The Happy Camper is not available, sold out.