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Intro to Alpengirl: The Lil's Camps

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A Tweens' Intro to Adventure Camp

Thu, 11/03/2022 - 08:00

Join us for an introduction to Alpengirl at a pre-teen adventure camp in Montana or Washington.

Yoga at Washington Lil's Girls CampOur 1-week Lil's Camps are where Alpengirls take root!

Trips for the tweens ages 11 and 12 choose between two 8-day sessions in Montana or Washington for an introduction to what Alpengirl Camp is all about, at an introductory rate. 

Montana Lil's Adventure (A)Montana Lil's Adventure (B)Washington Lil's Adventure (A), Washington Lil's Adventure (B)

Are you looking for a summer camp experience that is super fun and introduces you to more outdoor adventuring than you’ve done before?

Are you seeking to make new friends and travel to new places this summer but are not quite sure what summer adventure camp is all about?

If your answer is an enthusiastic YES! then Alpengirl Camp is the place for you.

Our Lil’s Camps provide you with an opportunity to experience the lifestyle at a girl's adventure travel camp in a short period of time. 

At an Alpengirl Lil's Camp, you’ll enjoy backpacking, hiking, swimming and hot spring soaking, plus the core elements included in every Alpengirl camp session:

  • Daily yoga
  • A chance for leadership and responsibility as "Leader of the Day"
  • Roadside dance parties
  • Camp cooking and delicious new foods
  • Outdoor living and nature exploration
  • Setting up tents and sleeping under stars
  • Building campfires and learning other traditional camp skills
  • Supportive leaders who empower each camper toward her full potential
  • Meeting new people, developing lasting friendships, and practicing cooperative living

These quick, fun, introductory Lil's Camps are an easy and comfortable choice for a first adventure away from home.

Chances are good that you’ll love it, and want to join us again the following summer for a longer camp session that adds even more exciting adventure activities such as rafting, horseback riding, and rock climbing.

Your Lil’s Camp experience will boost self esteem, build friendships, foster confidence, and allow you to develop a better sense of who you are. Plus, you’ll have some great camp stories to share at home and you’ll have cherished memories to keep forever!    

And after you’ve had a great time at Alpengirl Lil’s Adventure Camp and thinking of a return to Alpengirl for a longer session with more added adventure activities, you need not worry about a repeat of your Lil’s itinerary. For ages 12-14 there are NINE different 12 or 13 day sessions to choose from, each with its own unique itinerary. (Joining an Alpengirl Lil’s Adventure Camp session is not a prerequisite for other Alpengirl sessions, it is only suggested as a perfect starting point if you’ve found us at age 11 or 12 and are ready to try an adventure travel camp this year!)

DON'T MISS THE LIL'S  CAMP OPPORTUNITY! The 8-day Lil's sessions are a smaller emotional commitment for younger campers (and parents of younger campers!) who may not be 100% ready for Alpengirl's full 12 or 13-day multi-adventure camps. Read more about Camp Readiness here.