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Protect Your Summer Camp Investment

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Consider Camp Insurance

Wed, 03/20/2019 - 09:00

Have You Considered Camp Insurance?

What happens to a program participant and your summer camp investment if... a parent loses his or her job? ...she breaks a leg or has the flu before the program begins? ...she requires medical evacuation home? ...a parent or close family member becomes seriously ill?

There are no refunds after April 1 at Alpengirl, but, now you can protect your program investment at a very affordable cost with the A+ Program Protection plan.

The A+ Program Protection - U.S. Residents plan (code ALPE11) or the Abroad Travel Insurance - Non-U.S. Residents plan includes coverage for program cancellation, program interruption, medical expenses, emergency evacuation and baggage/personal effects and more. Protect your investment.


1) The night before camp started, a parent called in and let us know that her daughter had the flu, was vomiting and contagious and could not attend.  

2) During camp, a camper stumbled on a rock while hiking and injured her knee, she was taken for a doctors evaluation during camp by camp staff and it was determined she could not participate in upcoming camp activities  (a multi-day horseback riding pack trip), she returned home early.


1) A+ Program Protection cost quote example for a camper from NC, age 12 attending our 7 day Washignon Lil's Camp: Preferred $59 or Preferred Plus $119

2) A+ Program Protection cost quote example for a camper from CA, age 14 attending our 12 day Majestic Big Sky Camp: Preferred $119 or Preferred Plus $238

[IMPORTANT: If you are considering the broadest coverage from A+ Program Protection (including 'cancel for any reason' or 'pre-existing condition waiver') you MUST secure the policy PRIOR to paying Alpengirl final tuition balance. If seeking general coverage, you may secure the insurance anytime prior to the camp start date.]