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Reflecting on Summer 2014 ~ Alpengirl Campers

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Tue, 12/16/2014 - 21:11

Summer 2014 Alpengirl Adventure Camp GirlsAs we celebrate the holidays and the new year is just around the corner, we thought you might enjoy hearing from our 2014 Alpengirls. They’ve written some wonderful tributes describing what Alpengirl has meant to them. Enjoy!

Columbia, Cascades and Coast Adventure “Alpengirl is an amazing adventure that I will cherish so much - all the best activities bring out the best in me and teach me how to live life to the fullest! I’m taking back some of the most gratifying and amazing camp experiences I’ve ever had with me back to the Chicago suburbs.” - Emily, IL

North Cascades Adventure “Coming to Alpengirl has been one of my favorite and most exciting life experiences I have had so far. When coming to Alpengirl you can learn or practice new things such as surfing, rock climbing, backpacking and much more. But what’s most important is your fellow Alpengirls. At camp I realized we don’t have just a simple friend bonding, at Alpengirl we become each others sisters.” - Brittany, AZ

Olympic Rainforest to Beach Adventure “For me, Alpengirl has been a life-changing experience. I have made memories and friends that shall remain always and I gained as much confidence and courage as one could hope for gathering. I thank Alpengirl for giving me a voice, and I thank this wonderful journey of summer camp for giving me happiness.” - Ada, WA

Washington Lil’s Adventure A-L-P-E-N-G-I-R-L! Awesome, Leaping, People, Energetic, New friends, Girl power, Incredible adventures, Romping around in the sand, Love Alpengirl!” - Cora, WA

Montana Lil’s Adventure “There are many things I loved about backpacking at Alpengirl. One of the things I liked most about backpacking is just being outdoors and enjoying every little thing. I also really liked talking to my friends while hiking and looking all around and seeing all the beautiful views and hearing all the wonderful sounds.” - Lucy, CO

Majestic Big Sky Adventure “Green trees, blue skies, icy cool lakes, steep mountain trails, snow leaving your feet and hands numb, beaming hot rays, heavy packs, breath taking views, and positive hiking partners is the definition of adventure to me. Being an Alpengirl helped me find the true meaning of adventure. The best adventure I had at Alpengirl was when we hiked up to Spanish Lakes and got to play in the snow in July, that was definitely an unforgettable adventure!” - Kamahie, HI

Yellowstone Horseback Adventure “At Alpengirl there is never a dull moment. Either you are laughing with friends, doing an activity with the Alpenguides or just enjoying the incomparable scenery around you.” - Eva, CA

Wild & Scenic Raft Adventure “Making new friends is a very important skill to have in life. Not only is it great to be outgoing in life but it is also important to have good friends who can support you when you are feeling down or even calm you down when you are too excited! Coming to Alpengirl has shown me that just some time outdoors and some awesome activities can form friendships that will last the rest of your life.” - Lucy, NY