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Scheduled Parent Calls by Camp Staff - Calendar

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Sun, 06/26/2016 - 21:15

tent set up girls campHello 2016 Camp Parents,

The summer is starting off great! We have MT Lil's (cavern tour right now), Columbia Cascades Coast (rafting right now) & Yellowstone Horseback II (canoe/kayak/sup right now) girls out there adventuring as I write this blog - so much fun planned in days ahead too!

CCC Alpengirl groupJust a reminder to Camp Parents this summer - there is a scheduled day that staff call parents during camp this summer (NOT Lil's Camps.) This info was provided to you in the pre-camp letter and here it is again in case you forgot to read it or write down the dates of the scheduled calls:

horse camp group IIStaff Calling Parents During Camp

Alpenguides or Camp Director (Alissa Farley) or Alpengirl office staff will be calling home on 1 pre-scheduled day during your daughter’s session (except Lil’ Alpengirl sessions.) This call may be placed at any time; morning, afternoon, or evening on that scheduled day. Reminder -this call will be from camp staff, NOT your camper. Please understand, these are wilderness based trips, we have one scheduled day to get in touch with all parents during the trip, phones and cellular services on other days or other times of day are not guaranteed. If we can’t reach parent/guardians at any of the numbers you have provided on the day we are scheduled to call you and at the time we are able to make calls, a detailed message will be left to update you with news from camp and of your daughter. [NOTE: calls from camp staff will be from BLOCKED numbers, please plan to pick-up blocked number calls while your daughter is at camp with us.]

The schedule is as follows during your adventure:

  • Majestic Big Sky (I) - Saturday July 9, 2016 (morning, afternoon or evening)
  • Majestic Big Sky (II) - Thursday July 14, 2016 (morning, afternoon or evening)
  • Yellowstone Horseback (I) - Tuesday July 19, 2016 (morning, afternoon or evening)
  • Yellowstone Horseback (II) - Monday June 27, 2016 (morning, afternoon or evening)
  • Wild & Scenic Whitewater Raft - Monday August 1, 2016 (morning, afternoon or evening)
  • Columbia, Cascades and Coast - Saturday July 2, 2016 (morning, afternoon or evening)
  • North Cascades (I) - Saturday July 16, 2016 (morning, afternoon or evening)
  • North Cascades (II) - Saturday July 30, 2016 (morning, afternoon or evening)
  • Olympics Rainforest to Beach - Tuesday July 26, 2016 (morning, afternoon or evening)