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Self-Love Can Help You Gain Altitude

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'Girls With Altitude'

Tue, 02/06/2018 - 22:43

Love of Self and Summer CampLove of self is a tenet of Alpengirl. There is nothing more impressive than one who stands certain and proud of who she is. Every effort to inspire and influence positive outcomes from each girl’s experience at Alpengirl is based on the belief that she can fall in love with who she is and make her indelible mark on the world. 

Alpengirl strives to create experiences that feed mind, body, and spirit so growth of the whole individual is nurtured.

power of girls summer campWe all become our best selves by investing in our own growth – acknowledging our gifts and recognizing our own potential. We each have a responsibility to ourselves to discover what distinguishes us from others – to find our own uniqueness and nurture those beautiful qualities that allow us to stand proudly in our own skin! 

The environment at Alpengirl camps encourage such growth for all teen girls attending. Loving one’s self means taking care of your physical, emotional, and mental health. We teach each girl the importance of this self-care through our daily activities and practices, which extend into life beyond camp.

  • Eat whole, healthy foods.  
  • Exercise and move your body daily.  
  • Rest your body and your mind. 
  • Get plenty of sleep and seek out moments of quiet, peace, and reflection in each day.  
  • Stimulate your mind with new, interesting, and challenging things. 
  • Feed your spirit by surprising yourself.  
  • Take on something more difficult than usual – make yourself proud.  
  • Be kind to yourself – compliment yourself – never self-criticize.  
  • Have trust, gratitude, and truth with yourself.

Fresh food at summer camp

Alpengirl is a small camp compared to most, and Alpengirl’s ‘smallness’ is an asset.  Smaller groups allow for a superior impact on the girls and their time at camp. Experiences are more personal, as there is more one-on-one time with educators/guides, and there is more opportunity to address each girl’s concerns, questions, and curiosities. 

The Alpengirl experience strives to model exemplary behaviors that generate a strong, mindful, confident influence upon the girls who attend. These are some of the ideals we encourage:

Be kind to yourself. We teach girls the value of being kind, patient, and having compassion for one another, and always reinforcing the fundamental importance of being kind, patience and compassionate with one’s self.

Enjoy yourself. Each girl should run and climb and jump because these things are joyful and make her feel good. Sports and competition garner the value of teamwork and can put each girl in touch with her own humility, while emphasizing her capabilities.  

Joyful girls summer camp

Embrace your spirit/ Challenge yourself/ Be proud. Engaging in any activity outdoors or in nature will put every girl more profoundly in touch with her spirit. Adventures that intimidate her a little are inspiring, build character, and do amazing things for her self-worth and confidence.

Honor your body. We greatly discourage feelings of shame about physicality or physical performance. This includes feeling shame over what you eat because whatever you put into your body is now part of you. You should never feel shameful or express negative feelings about your body. Your body is beautiful, amazing, and capable!

Girls summer camp yogaHonor your health. We engage in healthy eating habits and encourage healthy relationships with food. Meals are carefully considered with respect to each girl’s health profile and exemptions. We avoid processed sugars & excessive fats. We don't engage in restrictive eating, (we’re not big on avoiding carbs, gluten, or any other food, unless it presents a true health concern or allergy).  We cook healthy, well-balanced meals that promote strength and sustain energy. We teach girls about varietal, health-centric foods and teach them to cook and enjoy these meals as well.

Honor others. We encourage respectful exchanges and complimentary banter. We support compassion and discourage judgment and criticisms. We believe compliments should be made in terms of how healthy, strong, & happy one looks, not how thin one is, or how one may have gained or lost weight. Compliments and comments should be less about the shape, size, or weight of the body, as every girl’s body is an extraordinary vessel perfectly designed to carry her through life.

Lead by example. Every day provides opportunity to be our best – to be exemplary. We believe that each of us is powerful in our own way, and this can be expressed in as many ways as we are different as people - be it obvious, or subtle; loud, or quiet; gentle, or bold; immediate or over time. There is room for every individual’s leadership, and we encourage and facilitate each girl’s expression and performance as a leader.  

Altitude girls camp Love yourself more by having compassion, shedding judgment and comparison. Love yourself through kindnesses toward and appreciation for others. Love yourself by choosing to be happy and embracing the greatness of today by acknowledging your own uniqueness – and celebrate it!  

Alpengirl promotes self love by producing ‘Girls with Altitude’ – because good attitude elevates us! Whether literally, by taking thousands of steps to reach the peak of a majestic trail – or by taking on a challenge at school or work with positivity – simply having the right attitude is the greatest kindness and gesture of love you can bestow upon yourself.  Take steps each day to find some ‘altitude’, and see how quickly you fall in love!  

~ By Contributing Writer & Former Alpenguide Kimberley Green