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What’s Next After Camp Registration?

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Summer Camp Parents Info

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 19:35

camp nature girls campAlpengirl Camp Parents & Campers ~ now that you’ve officially registered for camp and Alpengirl has most of your camp forms and we’re getting to know you better by reading about you and talking with you on the phone and answering q’s via email, here’s what you can expect next...

Late May - by email, you’ll receive a pre-camp letter which lists the Alpenguides for your trip and provides information for staff that are to be listed on unaccompanied minor flights. We’ll also include attachments with important activity waivers from our professional outfitters (raft, surf, horse ride, etc.) These waivers will be brought with campers to camp for collection by Alpenguides upon arrival to camp.

June 16-21 - Alpengirl Staff Training in Montana! We’ll be in the field and away from the office at staff training. We’ll have limited office time on these dates, but, we will be able to call you back if you leave a message for us during these dates.

June 21-23 - Alpengirl staff will be calling you on one of these days to say “hello” before our summer season begins. This call will be attempted 1x to each number you have provided to us in your forms and if we are unable to reach you when we call, we’ll leave a detailed message for you. Of course, you can feel free to call or email us anytime. Please contact us if any of your travel information changes or you have updates to your health form before your camp session begins. [NOTE: Camp staff will be calling from blocked phone numbers.]

 June 23 - The official 1st Day of Summer 2017 Alpengirl Camp!