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On the water with Majestic Big Sky Alpengirls

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Sun, 07/10/2016 - 17:50

canoe dat at summer campAlpengirls in MT went tandem kayaking today rather than canoeing, the river rental outfitters have changed from canoes to kayaks this summer as the conditions most folks like for touring the slow-moving and shallow Henrys Fork waterway near the MT border. They had a great time!

Alexa was the Leader of the Day (LOD) and lead all the girls in her casual and goofy-fun style. Coco, Meredith, Rayna and Amaya all jumped in the river and swam with Alpenguide Robin for a cool splash of fun. A riverside lunch of turkey sandwiches was followed by a bit of free time hanging out at camp. The evening continued with a costume dinner party where we enjoyed campfire hobo packets and s’mores. Ellen won the costume contest because she showed up to dinner as Hippity Hop Bunny. The girls bought some awesome Alpenwear and have been sporting it all night last night! They are really excited for horseback riding today - a bit of rain in morning but looks like it may clear up in time for riding.