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Whitewater Rafting the Sauk River

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Rafting Alpengirls in WA

Sun, 07/09/2017 - 16:49

Rafting at Girls Camp with AlpengirlThe North Cascades Adventure I group is off to a great start with really nice weather, friendly girls, a beautiful riverside campsite in the woods, and a fun whitewater raft trip on the Sauk River yesterday near Darrington, WA.

The group enjoyed the M & M getting to know you game after dinner last night and received a care package (thanks to Cate's parents) that includes a WA postcard for each girl, they plan to mail them out before backpacking trip starts today.

The first LOD of the trip was Sarah. She was selected by the Alpenguides (Sydney & Sara) because she has lots of previous raft experience and they felt she could get the group really psyched up for their whitewater trip - and she did, the group had a blast!

A yummy breakfast of Blueberry & Banana Pancakes was enjoyed during the first day of camp as well as Italian Sub Sandwiches for lunch and the group is eating well.

The girls chose which skill beads they'd like to attempt to earn while at camp and they will satrt working on those skills during the backpacking trip that starts today in North Cascades National Park.

Currently the group has called in to say they have received their backpacking permits from the National Park and are packing their bags and heading out on the trail today for 2.5 mile hike and camping just above Ross Lake. If they are lucky and able, some may be able to access the water for an evening cool dip on the edge of the lake - ahhhh, sounds nice!

All girls and guides are in good health and ready to start the 6 day backcountry portion of the itinerary - we hope to post another blog with photo after backpacking ends after July 14, likely on July 15 evening.