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Wonderful Rafting in Washington at Camp

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Mon, 06/29/2015 - 20:22

Girls at Columbia Cascades and Coast AlpengirlYesterday was a good start to camp at Columbia, Cascades & Coast with picnic lunch next to a rapid and small waterfall followed by whitewater rafting through a basalt canyon which was great fun for all even without the 12 ft waterfall drop and 17 ft cliff jump that we elected out of - the girls had a blast getting wet, learning “get low!” and “lean in!” as well as paddle strokes and other commands to navigate safely down the river, splashing and escaping the heat of the day from 2 pm - 5 pm was great, that is for sure! Alpengirl has ordered the rafting photos from the raft company and will add them to the camp photo dvd which is for sale to you for $40 - proceeds help support future camper scholarships. Just mail a check to Alpengirl PO Box 1138 Manhattan, MT 59741 if you want the photos from camp and to support scholarships.

Yesterday the girls ate up all the scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and apricots for breakfast, lunch was provided by the raft company and last night girls enjoyed Teriyaki Steak Stir Fry for dinner, “my favorite meal so far!” - Katia. Cook group yesterday was Anna (she whipped up the delicious stuffed apricot appetizers), Mary (she did the main stir fry) and Hope (assisted in main stir fry prep.) The Alpenguides say “all food has been a hug success so far.”

Yesterday’s LOD was Coco, she helped the group all day long stay on task and offering to help anyone who needed a buddy and performed in the role very well. The girls saw a tree frog, American Dippers and ducklings yesterday. Birthday songs were sang for 3 girls who had recent birthdays and we celebrated the birthdays with brownie bites - yum! A care package delivery for Coco last night was in the works when Alpenguides called in with this blog. Girls spent some time in the evening “giggling and playing a group game called Mafia.”

It’s been HOT as you know if looking at weather channel, the girls on the first night had trouble sleeping in the tents due to heat, 1st night newness, and some different time zones for girls and then last night the Alpenguides were planning on trying to make sure girls sleep in tents without the rain fly on or at least with all windows and vestibule doors open for better airflow in tents and wet bandanas on wrists etc to help cooling. Temps are cooler near Cougar, WA where they are headed towards after horse ride today - tomorrow’s start to backpacking will be mid 80’s expected high. They will backpack Tuesday - Friday and forecast calls for daytime highs in mid 80’s to tops of 98 degrees but also the group is higher in mountains than Cougar, WA so temps are sure to be a bit cooler and Alpenguides will adjust backpacking as needed to accommodate the group condition, weather and trail updates, etc encountered.

This will be our last Blog post until the group emerges from the woods and backpacking - we plan to post again with a report on how backpacking went on July 4.

Overall the Alpenguides feel like the trip is off to a great start, there are lots of smiles and girls are getting to know each other and the Alpenguides rate it “8.5 out of 10!”