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Yellowstone Horseback Adventure II - Pack Trip & Rodeo Tonight

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Sun, 07/03/2016 - 00:46

The Alpengirls came out of the backcountry today after the horse pack trip in the mountains. They had mostly sunshine with a few afternoon thunderstorms. The riding was varied, the first day they rode a mostly flat wooded trail up O’dell Creek. As the trip went on they rode up mountains on steeper, more rugged terrain. The girls got to play in snow on Baldy Mountain. The second day of riding, the group tied the horses up and summited Mt Baldy on foot, and got to slide down a snow field on the way down! All the girls seemed to like their horses. Maura’s horse Annie was a little rogue but Maura handled her with patience and care. Jenna’s horse Festus was a huge draft horse but was a gentle giant, he was very calm and tolerant when the girls practiced mounting bareback on him. Everyone loved the old pack mule Maggie! All the girls got the opportunity to ride their horses bareback and they all learned to brush, saddle and bridle their horses and did it with confidence. Girls were entertained by our outfitters Mel & Casey who taught them how to use a bull whip around the camp at night. Last night Ivy won the Alpenolympic Toothbrush Spray event. Tonight Anya is cooking Mac & Cheese with peas and bacon crumbles with cherries on the side to earn her Cooking skill bead. Eleanor, Katie and Elizabeth earned their Wilderness First Aid skill beads on the horse pack trip, and Veerle and Katie finished their Water skill beads. Our Leader of the Day (LOD) today is Katie. Currently the group is getting cleaned up with showers and laundry and will enjoy dinner before a wild time at the rodeo this evening! YeeHaw!