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Yellowstone Horseback Rafting Today

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Mon, 07/28/2014 - 22:40

From today's LOD's (leader of the Day) - Julia & Cat

"Rafting today was really fun, we went through a lot of rapids, Margaux was fun to have with us while rafting today. Yolanda, Cat, Ashlynn, Eva and Margaux al "rode the bull" which is when you ride right up front and get all the splashes! All of us jumped in the river and swam next to the boat just for fun."  - Julia F (Today's co-LOD)

"Best part of the horse pack trip was with Mel and horses because they were nice and fun and hanging with horses is always fun, I rode Snowy and Gray (Snowy left camp early - she just decided to walk herself back to the ranch... and then I rode Gray). I liked how much they taught us about the horses, we learned to tie a manty, saddle horses, pack saddle bags, we had bareback riding and lasso practice, and whip snapping. Weather during pack trip was good, only 1 day of rain, all others were suny and warm and not too many mosquitoes becuase we had campfire every night with Mel. Highlight about rafting today was bull riding (riding up front in the raft to get splashed)! We're most looking forward to souvenir shopping today, and I plan to keep in touch with some of the girls I met at camp. Best meal was chili!" - Cat (Today's co-LOD)

"Rafting - was great, a blast, we all jumped into water and screamed and laughed! Horse riding highlight was after Levi came back to group (he broke his nose during the trip, got kicked by a horse.), we also had awesome views, crawled into "bear" caves, practiced whip and lasso on horses and every night we had a fire and avoided many mosquitoes. Jasper has done an excellent job at Navigation skill bead!" - Margaux (Alpengirl staff)

Yellowstone Horse Camp girls are excited for shopping and pizza and talking to parents on the phone (that's happening now) and seems like a great time overall was had by all. Closing ceremony, awards and bead necklaces yet tonight in Jackson, WY.

I have just now posted a video to Facebook of Mel singing a song to girls at camp during horse pack sections - awesome!