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Majestic Big Sky I Finishes Backpacking

Sat, 07/11/2015 - 03:32

Alpengirl camper makes breakfast by mountain lakeThe girls of Majestic Big Sky I have finished backpacking! They spent the last four days traveling in the Gallatin Range, camping at various mountain lakes and even doing a day-hike up to the Gallatin Divide earlier this afternoon. Thanks to Abby Cate's care package at the start of...

The North Cascades Adventure Begins

Fri, 07/10/2015 - 02:55

North Cascades Group Ready for AdventureThe girls of the North Cascades trip have arrived and begun their adventure! Everything has started off wonderfully smooth for this group of girls who all seem excited for a good time and well prepared for the adventures to come. The group has now set up camp and cooked a...

Majestic Big Sky Girls Embark on Backpacking Adventure

Wed, 07/08/2015 - 13:30

Majestic Big Sky backpacking adventure has begunMore adventure awaits the girls of Majestic Big Sky! Yesterday, the girls geared up with packs on and some awesome costumes for the first day of their four-day backpacking trip. So far this trip, the girls have enjoyed alpenolympic events such as...

Columbia, Cascades and Coast Update

Mon, 07/06/2015 - 22:17

Washington Girl HikersThe Columbia Cascades and Coast Alpengirls have completed a challenging and great backpacking adventure! The past few days the girls have enjoyed 4th of July fireworks on the beach, significantly cooler weather (and no rain!), and a really cool surf lesson - nearly everyone was able to stand...

Majestic Big Sky I Alpengirls Have Arrived!

Sun, 07/05/2015 - 22:25

Alpengirl Montana Camp GroupWelcome to Montana! The Majestic Big Sky I Alpengirls have arrived and they are on their way to begin camp in the Gallatin Canyon. Looks like a bit of rain in the foresecast today, but, rest of week looks sunny and mild temps. Name games in the...

Wonderful Rafting in Washington at Camp

Mon, 06/29/2015 - 20:22

Girls at Columbia Cascades and Coast AlpengirlYesterday was a good start to camp at Columbia, Cascades & Coast with picnic lunch next to a rapid and small waterfall followed by whitewater rafting through a basalt canyon which was great fun for all even without the 12 ft waterfall drop and 17 ft...

Lil’ Alpengirl Camp - Caverns & Smore’s in MT!

Mon, 06/29/2015 - 16:29

A FULL day yesterday at Montana Lil’s Camp and the Alpenguides called in to let us know they have a great group of girls and feel overall the trip is going “9 out of 10”, 10 is best they could imagine. So, very well indeed. Yesterday the staff picked Coco as the groups 1st LOD, she did a wonderful job...

Alpengirl Camp Groups in OR & MT

Sun, 06/28/2015 - 00:57

Alpengirl adventures begin in Oregon & Montana Today! Columbia Cascades and Coast Alpengirl 2015The girls are all checked in for camp and are currently headed to their campsites to enjoy Bean and Rice Wraps, learning how to set up tents, play more getting to know you games for a fun...

Alpengirl 2015 Starts Tomorrow!

Sat, 06/27/2015 - 03:12

We're looking forward to meeting Columbia Cascades and Coast Alpengirls in Portland, OR tomorrow as well as Montana Lil's in Bozeman tomorrow! It's been a full staff training week and we're pumped up are ready to greet you at the airports and take off for an amazing adventure together. "No News is Good News" during camp- call Alissa the Camp...

Pre-Camp Letter & Waivers Emailed

Sun, 05/24/2015 - 22:06

TODAY - Those of you who have registered your girls for camp this summer at Alpengirl should have received an important email with IMPORTANT Pre-Camp Letter and outfitter waivers attached.